The money reached Jayeshbhai on the night of April 1st. That night, the rickshaw driver who was taking me to Seva Café had a unique talent: he could make such a loud ululating whistle that he would use it as a substitute for his horn. Naturally, a conversation was struck up and we were friends by the time I got to Seva Café. He and I did a few experiments with his whistle when we arrived at municipal market, and then when it was time to go, he wanted to buy me some tea. I declined, both because caffeine keeps me up very late, and because I don't consume milk products, but
he said, "prem nu Prasad na kavso?" Not wanting to snub our new old friendship, I accepted the tea, and then realized that he was a perfect guy to introduce to Seva Café. He hadn't eaten dinner so I invited him up to eat with me. He loved the atmosphere of friendliness and service, and that night there was a musical program going on as well that he instantly gelled with. When he understood the concept behind Seva Café, he was visibly moved and partially stunned by the beauty of it.

I had been scheming with Pranav to get a proper note written up in Gujarati, and we decided that since Narendra (rickshaw driver) represented the trifecta (loved the service concept, was mobile, and unknown to Jayeshbhai) that he'd be the perfect guy to deliver the money. As we were scheming to make this happen, Jayeshbhai showed up at Seva Café. I scuttled Narenda out and then conferred with Archana and Pranav who thought it best to deliver the money to Jayeshbhai right at Seva Café. A note was prepared stating that the money came from friends who had each not contributed more that Rs. 200 toward random acts of kindness; that they would love to be inspired by how he makes use of it; that his stories should be dropped into Seva Café's box to be read later.

The actual execution worked out a bit differently. Narendra went up to deliver the Rs. 5000. Jayeshbhai immediately caught a hold of him and started questioning him in detail. In order to avoid giving away my, Archana, and Pranav's involvement, Narendra ended up saying that a bunch of rickshaw drivers had pooled the money together for him. Jayeshbhai almost certainly did not believe this, and Narendra confessed to feeling extraordinarily burdened by lying to Jayeshbhai on the ride home.

Meanwhile, Jayeshbhai started connecting the dots. The fact that he got 5000 in Rs. 500 notes instantly indicated that it wasn't from rickshaw drivers. Someone also told him that they had spotted Narendra with me earlier.

At any rate, Jayeshbhai called me the following day and said that he thought that the money came from me. I told him that it wasn't my money. He said that it didn't matter anyways since it all comes from God and it all goes to God, but that he wanted to share a story with me.

(written by Rahul)