Jayeshbhai saw a man outside his house eating dirt. He immediately went up to him and invited him inside. Water was brought, food was prepared, and conversation started. It turns out that the man lives in a village a few hours from Ahmedabad and came to the city to find the orthopedic hospital on behalf of a family member (either daughter or wife) whose health condition had prevented her from working and greatly diminished household income. They had all been eating only one meal a day for some time and didn't think there was any hope left for them. Unexpectedly, someone told them about a kind-hearted doctor at an orthopedic hospital in A'bad who could surgically restore his relative at low or no cost. Hence with the few rupees he had at his disposal, he bought a bus ticked to A'bad to find the hospital and the doctor.

Only problem was that ended up going on a wild goose chase around the city as he had improper location information. This depleted the few rupees he had, and kept him wandering for two days, mostly by foot. Finally, he was put on the right track and headed toward Ranip where the hospital was actually located. Only problem was that he hadn't eaten in two days, and ended up collapsing under hunger very close to Jayeshbhai's house. His hunger pains were so great that he was eating dirt to alleviate them.

Jayeshbhai was immediately moved. He told the man to spend the night and build up his strength, and then accept a ride to the hospital the following afternoon. The man declined, saying that he can't afford to wait so long before finding the doctor. Jayeshbhai offered to pay for the surgery, but the man said that the doctor would probably do it for free. Jayeshbhai offered the man a pair of his clothes (the man's clothes were soiled and tattered) but the man said that Jayeshbhai had already given him so much by feeding him. He'd also filled him with a sense that God was looking after him through the kindness of strangers. Out of options, Jayeshbhai dropped a Rs. 50 note in his front pocket and told him to make sure he ate well that night and had enough money for bus fare back to the village. The man was in tears.