Sometime on May 5th.

Last month, when a small girl had seemingly miraculously delivered the money to JB, he had many thoughts that moved him to write a journal entry for himself. What follows is my rough translation of what he wrote in Gujarati.

The Day Lakshmi Gave Lakshmi (Lakshmi is both the Goddess of Wealth, and can also be used to describe a small girl)

When you can see and admire the wealth of the poor, then you gain a small glimpse of God. Today, Lakshmi gave herself in service, delivering money belonging to the poor at my doorstep. The money is samvedna and given with compassion and love. This love must be used to create wisdom. And therefore this money should never be considered as an expenditure, but rather an investment. An investment in and for wisdom.

I’m gripped by a strong faith that the arrival of this money is giving birth to sadbhavna. The incredible love, compassion, wisdom, and trust of the donors will magnify itself as heart-to-heart connections are built through sharing the stories of these investments in wisdom.

I am so grateful for having friends who created such an incredible learning opportunity for me by giving me a space for self-development through a unique kind of service; for creating a space where I can pull together more people who share the same tendencies of love, compassion, wisdom, and truth.

My sacred pledge to myself, in the spirit of my friends wishes, is to continually strive to invest their money in the most appropriate way—with minimum expense and maximum impact.