June’s dropoff had a new batch of kind conspirators in the mix. Realizing the Jayeshbhai had perhaps misinterpreted where he needed to share stories, I wrote a new note in English reiterating elements of previous notes and added a new element: that he should share the stories specifically with friends who are in touch with his friends in India and around the world. I mentioned names: Anand, Raju, and Rahul, knowing that by process of elimination, he’d end up telling me the stories. Writing the note in Gujarati myself would have resulted in many errors, so I asked Indicorps fellow Asha to write it for me. Asha, in turn, got one of her co-workers at SEWA to write the note in grammatically correct, flowing Gujarati. Around the same time, Avni popped back into town and so I assigned her the task of finding a clever means of dropping off the money. Avni found some other kids in Jayeshbhai’s neighborhood and had them sneak into Jayeshbhai’s house while he was away. The plan seemed to be working well, except that Jayeshbhai was spotted driving up the road in the middle of the dropoff. Avni ran into the road and flagged down the car, practically yanking Jayeshbhai from behind the wheel. Somehow stalling Jayeshbhai with starting a random conversation, the kids slipped out of Jayeshbhai’s front gate. He spotted them, but thought nothing of their presence in his house. Avni left, and Jayeshbhai found the note and cash later that night. He called me the following day, saying that he found cash and a note instructing him to share stories with me, and that I should make some time to visit.